Austin Rhodes Political Theories Not from Einstein


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” – Rita Mae Brown , but frequently attributed to Albert Einstein The last time Saxby Chambliss’ Georgia seat in the U.S. Senate was contested, it was by Democrat Jim Martin in 2008. The general election ended … Continue reading

Cooking Sinergy on Reynolds Street


Some like to use the phrase “God Don’t Like Ugly” to describe situations where extreme karma erupt, but isn’t it more apt that both God and Satan have senses of humor when mortal humans gore their own ox? Readers will see the title and immediately think “Synergy isn’t spelled that … Continue reading

Mother (of) Goofs – The Convention Center that Rick Built

Conference Harrison Bldg

This is the Convention Center that Rick built. This is the parcel That lay under the Convention Center that Rick built. This is the Center Manager/Owner That had the parcel That lay under the Center that Rick built. This is equipment the partnership deal said would be paid for by … Continue reading

Conflict in Columbia County?


Would y’all just look what we have here! In April 2010 the award of Columbia County’s Major banking agreement was on the Columbia County Commission agenda. Uncomfortably, three Commissioners had stock in Georgia Bank in Trust at the time of this vote. The county attorney seemed concerned about the whole … Continue reading

Domeward Bound No More


UPDATE: Legendary Lincoln County football coach Larry Campbell announced his retirement this week, which made the posting of this report and video timely, as Campbell and the Red Devils made the Georgia Dome their second home. Since this report and video were produced in the summer of 2013, there has … Continue reading

Hushing the Racket from Dr. Phil (Gingrey) and his D.I.C.K. Quartet


Its springtime in Georgia, but this spring there are a lot of things blooming in the red state of Georgia besides the redbud trees and like this redbud tree the true colors are beginning to show a tinge of blue for good reasons. The state might be in the heart … Continue reading

$200 Theater Tickets Trumped a $20 Million Cost Recovery Effort?

UPDATE: At the August 5, 2014 meeting of the Augusta Commission, the Augusta media got its panties in a wad over $200 James Brown Movie premier tickets and ruffled feathers between Mayor Copenhaver and Commissioner Bill Fennoy. In any place other than Augusta, a request for the Augusta National Golf … Continue reading

Basenji’s Don’t Roar on Reynolds Street

Morris Communications has a new online venture it has branded as, but its three year case of lockjaw over the scandal-wracked TEE Center and Parking Decks doesn’t show any sign of soon loosening into ear shattering howls. Morris wasn’t so quiet in the run up to approval of the … Continue reading

Intimidation in Evans?


During the recent look at Columbia County Georgia’s controversial 2010 Banking Services Request For Proposal, which was awarded to Georgia Bank and Trust, a bank in which 2 county commissioners held stock and a third is now President of the bank, Ms. Leanne Reece was seen at the County commission … Continue reading

Pro-SPLOST Augusta Commissioner Goes Rogue


When someone is filled with venomous rage, they tend to not hear what is said. In this case, please watch and listen to the segment of question and answer immediately before Commissioner Donnie Smith’s reprehensible diatribe. Next you get to observe the reaction of Commissioner Bill Lockett, who demonstrated that … Continue reading