Downtown Augusta Brawl Video Goes Viral

Monday, May 6, 2013
Augusta, GA
From Reports

A video of a violent brawl in downtown Augusta, GA on the night of April 27th has been making the rounds on social media. Police say they are just now finding out about the violence more than a week after it occurred even though gun shots were fired. On the night of May 3rd, a couple was violently attacked with baseball bats on Riverwalk. Is violence in downtown getting out of control? Will these incidents reverse efforts to revitalize downtown? Where were the police? At Operation Rolling Thunder Checkpoints, perhaps?

We here at decided to enlarge the video of the brawl in an effort to help the police identify suspects. Oh, we also added some background music and production values, too. Maybe the DDA can use it as a promotional video for downtown. Come downtown ya’ll, where everything’s waiting for you!

(Editor’s Note: The linked video is covered by use of this blog under the following Disclaimers: Youtube has age-restricted this content for is accurate recording of violence in a real-life, not staged, altercation. Viewers should be advised they may find the imagery disturbing. The music employed in this clip is intended for transformative commentary, in the style of parody to recontextualize the given work. Both Disclaimer provisos are employed under the public good of Journalism, Education, and Free Speech in regards to political discourse.)