Al Gray: Attention Mr. Mayor

Mayor Deke Copenhaver

Originally posted by CityStink
Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012
Augusta, GA
By Al Gray

The author, Al M. Gray, was President of Cost Recovery Works, Inc., a provider of Cost Avoidance and Cost Recovery for America’s leading companies, businesses and governments desiring Superior Returns. Cost Recovery Works is no longer in business, as of December 31, 2020.

Attention Mr. Mayor:

Look… I am approaching 60. I was/am semi-retired. I quit doing formal audit work YEARS ago unless it is an existing client. I like doing COST RECOVERY WORK on a percentage basis – no results and you don’t pay. When I do one of those the deal is basically this…

Mr. CLIENT, old Al will do his best to get your money back and only gets paid for results. You ain’t suing him and you are gonna sign up that way. If you INSIST on being able to sue old Al and want all of those fancy formal audit programs done, the rate is $525 an hour and old Al will take his sweet time being real particular. For all the stalkers out there, that is the deal. And NO, old Al AIN’T a Certified Forensic Auditor – his late friend Mike Hall was. This being said, Old Al got off the couch and dusted off his skills and is finding – to the politicians’ pain – that his old skills are pretty darned good, and the new ones the Colco so-and-so’s made him learn are just plain DY-NO-MITE. Thank you much for the new line of work. Hugs and kisses – the Arrowflinger.

Mr. Mayor Copenhaver, I will give you a discount, but only if it goes to the Salvation Army or some such. It don’t take many arrows for old Al to make it and he don’t need to recover them what’s stickin outta your hide.

Mr Plunk-it ain’t writin’ the contract neither.

While we’s at it….. old Al, after Randy Oliver figured that contractors own Augusta, went and done sumthin real radical….. He spent $1200 on some of them big winder envelopes likin them banks started usin in about 2000 or so….. you know dem that made you LOOK….. well old Al used Photoshop to cram the corporate logo of them fancy Fortune 500 companies NOBODY could get in the door of widout spending $10 grand into the maw of that big old great white shark like that’n in Jaws….. yep old Al sent dem letters all over the USA to all them corporate execs….. yep, sho nuff that worked….. Old Al’s renegade marketing got the attention of HUGE great big old companies like Corning, Home Depot, Lowes, Carmike, 3M, Intel, Bristol Myers, Eli Lilly, Duke Power, Bass Pro and great big old heap of others….. Mind you old Al AIN’T STUPID so he is listing these folks because he ain’t got no bidness wid dem….. hahahahaha….. when old Al started jumping on politicians they weren’t gonna be NO WAY IN HELL he was gonna leave some client list on LinkedIn or other such bizzybody places so’s y’all could ruin him….. Hahahahaha….. when old Al ‘gets you’ you done been GOT WID YOUR OWN RECORDS….. so there ya got it, iffn you can catch Old Al’s drift.

The ArrowFlinger Al Gray

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  1. Deke picked a fight with the wrong man in our group.

    Beware Deke, the Augusta’s A-Tean is on the trail of this CABAL scam and your buddies that had this bilking royal all planned out haven’t seen anyting yet. Oh, and insulting Al and trying to discredit him in the meeting was a big mistake.

    Deke, now it seems that you have called down the thunder, I hope you are ready for some real microscope attention on all of the actions surrounding the TEE and other scams the CABAl have been running.

    Al, thanks for all you do.

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