The JERK of Lincoln County?

On Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 the Lincoln County Republican Party held a candidate forum at the public library. Your Arrowflinger was there and asked the candidates very tough questions. Former House District 117 Representative Lee Anderson, now running for the Senate District 24 seat, and his wife Donna were seated the next row in front. When Lee got up to speak my questions were pointed at his previous record of voting for double digit fee, rate, and tax increases on us. Donna turned and called me a “jerk” numerous times, although the only clearly audible one was at the end, when I loudly challenged Lee to take further questioning.

Now, the point being made is that we go broke very fast paying double digit cost increases when our incomes are increasing less than 2%. Lee and Donna have a solution to this dilemma, though. You see, Lee’s first cousin Superior Court Judge David Roper heads the guardian ad litem program in Augusta which became a national scandal because of the guardians’ ad looting. Now Donna is in that stable of ad lootems, supplementing their family income. We don’t have that option, do we?

None of the other candidates or their parties reacted with anger at my tough questions, only the one person divorcing parents would expect to stay calm.

Later, radio talker Austin Rhodes quipped that the Andersons don’t need the money, but did the other ad lootems who punished distraught parents with outrageous fees??

Usually the phrase, “grab the wife and kids”, is hyperbole in a political season, but can you families of the 24th risk having a rogue judge, rubber-stamp lawmaker, and angry guardian ad lootem wife all aligned against you in the event of divorce?

Think about it.

Watch and listen, as Arrowflinger Al gets tagged with yet another insulting label to join many other such Badges of Honor.

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  1. Shirley Dawkins

    Anderson was kindly asked not to place his political signs in the library or on the grounds. He deliberately went ahead and placed the signs and treated the Librarian in an insulting manner. He will get no support from those of us using and working at the library. Egotistical.

  2. I have an encounter with Donna Anderson as a GAL that is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! You are more than welcome to contact me as the WHOLE story is well documented in transcripts and emails.

  3. Judge J.David Roper and his guardian ad lietem Janet Weinberger I hold 100% responsible for the death of my child’s father.I begged and pleaded with both in Jan.2005 to please do a home study that something horrible was wrong they needed to check on Richard Pierson, they BOTH told me to pay the courts what I owe them then they would, they refused repeatedly to check on him, Richard Pieson who was custodial parent of our daughter, killed himself first week of April. Had they’d done their civic duty, he may still be here. But they only cared about money.

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